Cornerstone Church Nashville


The Cornerstone Church Nashville is a very large church that is affiliated with the Assemblies of God Pentecostal denomination. Established from humble beginnings in 1983, Cornerstone Church Nashville is now a 30,000 square-foot, three-story structure that sits on 40 acres of land.

Lively and Interesting Church Services

More than 3,000 people normally attend Sunday morning services at Cornerstone Church Nashville. The pastor’s dynamic preaching style here is accentuated by lively illustrated sermons. Some of the sermons at this huge, wheelchair accessible church have included local and exotic animals, special lighting and dramatic effects, trapeze artists, and live dancing. Music plays an important role in the worship services at Cornerstone Church Nashville. From traditional religious hymns to modern rock and rhythm and blues, this church features a wide selection of music at its worship services.

Different Ministries and Programs

An assortment of different ministries and programs for people of all ages are offered at the Cornerstone Church Nashville. A weekday preschool, a nursery, and a children’s ministry are offered for the youngest members of the congregation. A youth or teen ministry, a young adult ministry, and a singles ministry are popular with members of varying ages. A men/women’s ministry, a community service group, a senior adult ministry and a recovery group are also provided by Cornerstone Church Nashville.

Using Technology To Reach More People

In addition to the regular worship services, Cornerstone Church Nashville utilizes several other methods to reach more people in the Nashville area. A weekly television program that features the church’s pastor delivering inspiring messages is broadcast on a local major network affiliate station. Live webcasts of all services at Cornerstone Church Nashville are regularly streamed online, and a telephone prayer line is also available.


What is Cornerstone Church Nashville


What is Cornerstone Church Nashville

Cornerstone Church Nashville is all about loving God and loving people. Cornerstone is located on Old Hickory Boulevard in Madison, Tennessee. The messages are also available on their website and on a local Nashville television station.

Cornerstone Church began as a group of believers gathering at a private home for fellowship and food in 1983. That same year they acquired a 21 acre campground that already had a church building on it. The first service was held in that building on July 10, 1983.

Pastor Maury Davis, a reformed convict, preached at Cornerstone on January 30, 1991. He was voted in as pastor the following weekend. He and his wife have been there ever since.
Later in 1991 the church building was damaged by lightning and fire. Services moved to a stone tabernacle that was also located on the property. Several months were spent renovating the tabernacle.

In 1995 a family life center/gym was completed on the property. This provided needed classroom space. The gym later served as a larger place to hold services. In 2000 a new sanctuary was completed. In 2006 the Educational Building was added. This included classrooms, a daycare/preschool, and Nashville’s largest indoor playground.
In 2010 Cornerstone Church purchased adjoining land. This brought their total acreage to 40 acres. In 2012 more expansion plans began. A 30,000 square foot facility was completed in 2015.

The pastoral team includes a gifted group of people that are dedicated to and passionate about ministering to the people of the church. That group consists of Maury/Gail Davis, Galen/Talitha Davis, Joe/Kelli Mutter, Dana/Julia Lawson, Sandra Sterban, Herb/Bethany Hardcastle, Danny/Carrie Johnson, Deeanne/Bill Wall, Chad/Rachel Browning, Bobby/Joanna Fredere, and Chelsea Chavez. The entire team is committed to the people of the church.

Cornerstone Church Of Nashville

family praying at the church

Cornerstone Church of Nashville is an amazing place to come for a worship experience that makes everyone feel uplifted. You may make your way to the church at any time, and it sits in one of the busiest parts of the city. You will find a number of services that will be perfect for you, and you may not even go to the Sunday service if your heart is full after a week of activities. This article explains how Cornerstone Church of Nashville serves everyone.

#1: The Church Has Something For Everyone

You may go into the church for the coffee shop, or you may choose to go to a class at the church that appeals to you. The church will educate you when you come in for a class, or you may latch onto a small group that lets you discuss your daily life with other people like you. You will find a place to settle in at the church before you ever go into a Sunday service.

#2: The Church Is Beautiful

The church is a beautiful place to come when you want to enjoy a Sunday service, and it welcomes you even if you wish to sit in the coffee shop to relax. You will feel the welcoming atmosphere in the church as soon as you pass through the doors, and you will meet lovely people who want to get to know you for who you are. Choose to visit Cornerstone Church Nashville because you want to find a place where you will fit in.

Cornerstone Church of Nashville is an amazing place for you to learn, rest, recharge and worship. You may come in for a service on Sunday, or you may avail yourself of the classes and services that happen during the week in the church building.

A Light Along the Path of Meaning


Some things have become harder to find

Few people would argue against the overall good that’s come with modern society. Most aspects of life are easier than they’ve ever been before. Most things that have traditionally been rare are now easily available online. And this often even includes things that have often been considered such a rare commodity that they were extremely expensive. But at the same time many people have noticed that some things which used to be easily found are not a bit more rare. One of the prime examples of this is wisdom. Information aplenty is drifting within the digital realm. But many people find themselves wondering where they can find a spiritual realm. They’re looking for something that used to be easily found, scriptural guidance and wisdom. Thankfully just as many people quickly discover that it’s the same place it’s always been. The same types of churchs which have always been there for people are still readily available. And in fact, they’re often far more easily reached than every before as well. One simply needs to reach out to them first so that they can extend a helping hand in return.

A hand extended in fellowship

For example, the Cornerstone Church Nashville is ready and eager to help those who ask for it. It’s a community of people centered around scriptual guidance. And in particular they take inspiration from the scriptural passage which reads “Upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. Getting in touch with them is easy. One can simply call them up, or even walk in and join in on the worship. Whichever method one uses though, the results are certain. That one will find a group of people who are united by compassion and wisdom.